Taking measurements for the creation of your tailored shirt is quick and easy. Follow our advice to do it the right way! You can start by taking measurements on yourself or with the help of someone, or by taking the measurements of a shirt you already own and with which you feel particularly comfortable. We'll explain how to do it in both cases below.

Take measurements on your body

Here are what measures are needed to guarantee a perfect tailored shirt. To do this, we advise you to ask someone for help to avoid involuntary mistakes.
  1. Neck Circumference: Slide the measuring tape around the neck by inserting a finger between the measuring tape and the neck to prevent the collar from feeling too tight.

  2. Length of the Shirt: take the measurement with the measuring tape leaning on your back, from the base of the neck to under the buttocks considering where you want your shirt to "end".

  3. Sleeve Length: Measure the sleeve from the shoulder to the wrist keeping the arm bent at 90 degrees.

  4. Circumference of the Biceps: circumference of the biceps in tension. To ensure a better fit, the tape measure must be adhered to the arm, with a tolerance finger between the body and the tape measure.

  5. Wrist Circumference: Measure your wrist with the tape measure as close to your body as possible.

  6. Shoulder Width: Measure your shoulders from shoulder blade to shoulder blade at the widest point.

  7. Chest Width: measure the circumference of the chest at chest height without leaving any space between the chest and the measuring tape. This measurement is very important and must be taken with the utmost precision because the fit of the shirt will depend on it based on the model you choose (comfort fit, slim fit).

  8. Waist Circumference: Measure around the waist at the widest point. Also for this measurement it is important not to leave margins between the measuring tape and the body in order not to compromise the fit of the final product.

  9. Circumference of the Hips: waist to the height of the legs. In this case it is useful to keep a finger as a margin of tolerance in order not to risk getting a shirt with a puff at the back.

Take measurements from your favorite shirt

We all have a particularly comfortable shirt or one that feels more like ours. Either for the fit or for the proportions. By taking the measurements on it, you can "replicate" it in other colors or with different details and details without giving up your comfort. Here's how:
  1. Neck Circumference: Laying the collar of the shirt on a flat surface, measure the length between the button and the center of the buttonhole.
  2. Sleeve Length: With the shirt straight, measure the sleeve from the shoulder seam down to the wrist, including the cuff.
  3. Circumference of the Biceps: starting from about 4-5 cm below the armpit seam, take the measurement perpendicular to the sleeve.
  4. Wrist Circumference: spreading the cuff, measure the space between the button and the center of the buttonhole.
  5. Shirt Length: Length of shirt from base of neck to bottom hem.
  6. Shoulder Width: With the shirt closed and on a flat surface, measure the width of the shoulders from end to end from the back.
  7. Chest Size: With the shirt buttoned up, measure from extreme right to extreme left about 2-3cm below the armpit.
  8. Waist Circumference: With the shirt buttoned up, measure the length from the left side to the right side between the fourth and fifth button, at the waistline.
  9. Hip Circumference: With the shirt buttoned, measure the length from the left side to the right side at the bottom of the shirt, just below the bottom button.

Do you still have doubts? Contact us!

If some steps are not clear to you, please write to us or contact us. We will better explain how to take measurements without errors. Remember that measurements are the basis for the success of your tailored shirt so it is advisable to spend a little more time to be 100% sure that they are right. We are always at your disposal to help you in this process!


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