From raw material to finished product


A quality product comes from quality raw materials

The cotton currently on the market can be of different qualities based on length (lime), fineness (micronaire), stretch resistance (pressley), color and degree of impurities and dirt. Of course, the quality of the fiber depends on the type of seed, cultivation, irrigation and environmental conditions. Rain or high temperatures can greatly affect the raw material.

Gest was born from the dream of two friends - Pietro Gentile and Michele Steduto - to bring the production of cotton back to Italy, thus managing to control all the stages of shirt making: from the seed to the finished product. Italy is in fact one of the largest textile poles in the world, but the production of cotton had been extinct for some time in our area, until in 2020, thanks to the collaboration with local agricultural companies, Gest managed to reintroduce this centenary tradition on the territory of Puglia, effectively giving birth to the first cultivation of Italian cotton, and therefore to the first shirts produced 100% in Italy.

Prodotto tutto pugliese Gest

Our Crops

To ensure the highest quality of our fabrics, we start with the careful selection of the seed, which is planted a few dozen kilometers from our company headquarters, so as to allow us to keep the entire growth process under control.

Our cotton crops are organic, and the plants are constantly pampered by playing music with beneficial frequencies of 432Hz on the fields (Harmoniculture). All this, combined with the climate and the particular characteristics of the Apulian soils, results in one of the most exclusive cottons and the best varieties for shirts.

Our challenge? The creation of a product of the highest quality. A real work of art to wear, a timeless, unadorned creation with a virile and refined style, which the elegant and sporty man will not be able to give up. A 100% Italian product, which starts from the cultivation of cotton, continuing with the ginning, spinning, weaving and packaging of unique garments. Ours is not just a shirt but an extract of the tradition, taste and elegance that distinguish Italy all over the world.

Gest per l'ambiente


The entire production process takes care of the environment. From cultivation to harvesting, from yarn to fabrics, everything is studied in detail, avoiding waste and using renewable energy sources.

Our particular care for the environment has led us to start the first experimental cultivation which aims at the GOTS certification (Global Organic TextileStandard) and at the production of a quality fabric both in terms of finish and durability.

is the only Italian e-commerce capable of combining a four-decade tradition with the most innovative technology of our times.

Our company is one of the fastest and most reliable in terms of delivery. Your orders produced in Italy and made to measure will be delivered within 3 weeks directly to your home. Create your favorite shirt in just a few clicks, with unlimited style possibilities and fabric combinations.

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